LWC Watch Names

Since my book was published, I have been able to get photographs of two Lancashire Watch ‘types’ which, from literature, we knew existed.  They are the ‘Lancashire Wizard’ and the ‘Druid’.

On page 6 of my book I have written

‘My book cannot be a re-run of Alan Smith’s (for example, I have not reproduced the Trade Catalogue, c.1905, mentioned above) and my book has to have a different angle. I would like to think that this book complements that of Alan Smith’s in that it expands on his work with the benefit of an era where the internet and eBay are available.’

Both the ‘Druid’ and the ‘Lancashire Wizard’ feature in the LWC ‘Trade Catalogue’, of unknown date, published in Alan Smith’s ‘The Lancashire Watch Company 1889 – 1910’.  That catalogue, which has photographs of these two watches, also features the ‘Curlew’, the ‘Tally-ho’, the ‘Feudal’, the ‘Vigilant’, the ‘Lancashire Witch’, the ‘Elf’ and the ‘Monitor’.  The others in the list of names are mentioned in trade catalogues in my book or they were names registered as patents in 1904 – 1906.

Getting access to the Druid and the Lancashire Wizard has made me revisit the various named watches produced by the Lancashire Watch Company.  Using the various trade catalogues, and from watches seen over the years, the list below has been compiled.

List of Watch Names including the number of jewels

Monitor                  Kew Certificated

Compeer                              23

Diva                                      23

Epicure                                21

Gem                                      19

Feudal                                  19

Halcyon                               17

Ideal                                     17

Lodestar                              17

Elf                                         17

Palatine                               15

Sentinel                               15

Curfew                                 15

Tally Ho                              15

Stellar                                  11

Victor                                   7

Zodiac                                  7

Vigil                                      7

Druid                                   7

Lancashire Wizard           7

Lancashire Witch             7

Doomsday                         ?

Meridian                            ?

Sprite                                  ?

Summit                              ?

Puritan                               ?

Vigilant                              ?

Note the number of jewels can vary from that listed.  The trade catalogues have options where the customer can have different numbers of jewels ‘to order’.

The size of these watches has not been listed.  Mainly because many of them were available in different sizes, to order.