Book Details

Lancashire Watch Company

History and Watches


  • A new book by John Platt.
  • 528 pages with almost 1,000 illustrations.
  • Full history of Lancashire Watch Company.
  • Includes details of company’s ledgers.
  • Detailed record of types of watches produced by the company.
  • Photographs of over 100 watches.
  • Appendices section with known catalogues.
  • This is a large hardback book – 33cm x 24cm.


The Lancashire Watch Company was based in Prescot, Lancashire, UK in the late 1800s, early 1900s. This important new publication is an essential work of reference for anyone with an interest in the watches which the company produced, the environment in which it existed, or the people involved. It is a full compendium of information known to the author about the company which is held within museums and archives.

It is also a record of the types of watches which were produced by the company, with many of them being shown in photographs. It includes material about the company which has not been published before.

The author has been involved in exhaustive research and, for the first time, the result of this work is being made available to a wider audience, and will enable anyone with an interest in these watches to get some idea of their provenance.






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