Technical Details

Technical Details of the Book

As the sellers of this book say, when packaging it, ‘this is a large book!’

  • It weighs just over 3kg and has 528 pages.
  • The pages have a page trim size of 232mm by 320mm, the hard covers being slightly larger.
  • The pages are 130gsm Amadeus Silk white.
  • This is an FSC approved sheet.
  • The end papers are 150gsm white uncoated paper.
  • The hard covers are from Blueberry Wibalin finished with Silver Foil.
  • There is a gloss laminated Dust Jacket to protect the book – this is printed on 150gsm Silk.
  • The book has one marker ribbon in dark red, and a blue and white chequered headband.
  • The pages are sewn, the spine is square back and reinforcing is added to support this substantial book.

Some details of the publishing:

lwc-coverThe Publishers, inbeat publications used Adobe In Design and Microsoft Word.

The font used for the main body of the text and the Index is Garamond 11 pt, 14pt line spacing. The titles are in Garamond 18pt bold. The footers are in Times New Roman 10pt. Other fonts are used within the book for specific purposes e.g. the title page of the book, the author’s name on the title page, but these aren’t detailed here. If there is a specific detail a reader requires, please use the ‘contact me’ facility on this website.

A serif style font for the main text was chosen because fonts with serifs allow the eye to flow more smoothly across the line. Not too small or reading becomes a strain, and not too large or the book would have been even larger. Garamond was chosen because it is a relatively ‘light’ font so there isn’t too much contrast between the black of the font and the white of the paper.

The main text in the book is laid out in two columns because the length of line on large pages can make it difficult to track right to left to the line below.

Colours were limited to ones that suit the topic in some way, variations provided by using 50% and 10% tints. A light tint at 0.75pt was used for the cell outlines of tables.

Dust Jacket titles and colours link back to those within the book. White was used for font on dark blue background, black on the pale blue.

The aim was to get consistency with usage of fonts/sizes/colours throughout the book and hopefully we have achieved that.

The book was written in Microsoft Word, and the bulk of photographs were taken as high quality JPEGs. The Publishers used Adobe In Design and Microsoft Word.

The finished file, a high quality pdf, was sent to the printer.  The book was printed by Cambrian Printers Aberystwyth.