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12 July 2018

Changed ‘Henry Somm 8586’ to ‘Henry Simm 8586’

Updated ‘Robert Pownall 5101’

Watches listed now 97

12 June 2018

Added 10 watches to Prescot Watches

Added an advert for the Vigil watch (New Information History)

12 December 2017

Added the horological press reviews of the book – see Book Contents

Book Contents

29 November 2017

Added 16 watches to Prescot Watches.  Now 87

20 October 2017

Added 12 watches to Prescot Watches.  Now 71

12 October 2017

Added 8 watches to Prescot Watches.  Now 59

21 September 2017

Set up this changes page

Added a link to this page from the home page

Changed ‘Thomas Wood’ to ‘Thomas Woods’ in Prescot Watches.

Cosmetic typos

Added 2 watches to Prescot Watches.  Now 51

18 September 2017

Added 4 watches to Prescot Watches, now 49

Deleted Esplin Wigan watch – decided to limit watches from locations shown on the map of Lancashire on the home page – for the time being

Updated Emily Faithfull page with a Suffragettes Car Badge!  (New Information History)

1 September 2017

Corrected a few typos

Changes to Home page – Added a map of Lancashire

Text changes to Prescot Watches page re finishers

Added a LWC Token  (New Information History)

Added a piece on John Forrest Watches (New Information Watches)